March 10, 2001

Mistress Pat

Mistress Pat by L.M. Montgomery, cover art by Marie Lawson, published in 1935 by McClelland and Stewart.

L.M. Montgomery’s Mistress Pat was first published in 1935 as the sequel to Pat of Silver Bush. The protagonist Pat Gardiner is now twenty years old and the mistress of her beloved home Silver Bush on Prince Edward Island. Pat chooses to remain at home instead of leaving for school, work, or marriage, and she’s deeply afraid of change.

Despite Pat's attempts to retain stable traditions at Silver Bush, which give her a sense of security, life brings many changes. Often these changes are difficult for Pat to face and cope with. For instance, her brother Sid marries a woman Pat despises, and the pair live at Silver Bush making Pat’s home life less pleasant. Her childhood friend Hilary Gordon, who has left for college and work, eventually stops writing to her. Over time, Pat begins to question her decisions.

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