June 07, 2006

L.M. Montgomery: The Norval Years, 1926-1935

L.M. Montgomery: The Norval Years, 1926-1935

L.M. Montgomery: The Norval Years, 1926-1935 by Deborah Quaile was published by Wordbird Press on June 15, 2006. The book includes illustrations by Jennifer Osborn. It is organized in the form of a scrapbook and follows Montgomery's years living and working in Norval, Ontario, Canada, including photographs, journal entries, and local newspaper and magazine articles.

Here's the description of the book from Wordbird Press:

The professional life and home life of Lucy Maud Montgomery Macdonald (author of Anne of Green Gables) were inextricably intertwined. This scrapbook-style history follows Maud’s village life in Norval, Ontario, Canada, where she lived from 1926 to 1935, through photographs, memorabilia, literary quotations, and local journalism. In long-unread issues of newspapers and magazines, and in personal archives, author Deborah Quaile has uncovered hints of Maud that haven’t been seen in decades. The story follows Norval and local history, while at the same time recreating the life of Canada’s favourite author, from her everyday appearance at church socials, to speaking engagements in far-flung cities where standing ovations were cordial recognitions of her other existence.

L.M. Montgomery: The Norval Years, 1926-1935 reconstructs the reality in which the writer revolved, presenting new material that has not been seen by the current generations of Montgomery scholars and fans. Knowing her fondness for scrapbooking through archives in Ontario and Prince Edward Island, perhaps these are the pages L.M. Montgomery would have loved to create.

The book includes the following contents:

Introduction: The Allure of L.M. Montgomery
From Prince Edward Island to the World
Norval History
Maud's Home and Gardens
Friends and Family
Norval and Union Presbyterian Churches
Local Beauty
Life in the Village
Devotions and Duties
Maud's Days
L.M. Montgomery's Accomplishments
Leaving Norval
Remembering Maud: Montgomery in Modern Norval

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Book cover of L.M. Montgomery: The Norval Years, 1926-1935 from Wordbird Press.

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