July 28, 2002

Easton Press Hardback Anne of Green Gables Series Book Set

Photograph of the leather-bound, eight-volume Anne of Green Gables hardback set from the Easton Press

I've had a few questions about the availability of hardback volumes of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series. The only place I have seen a set like this for sale is in the Easton Press catalog. The Easton Press offers high quality book sets, and I'm sure their Anne set is gorgeous.

Their eight-volume Anne of Green Gables keepsake book set is leather bound with 22 karat gold accents and gilded page ends. The books are $109 per volume. Each volume is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" in size and has a full-color frontispiece by Ben Stahl.

According to the Easton Press website, the books feature:
- Fully bound in genuine leather.
- 22kt gold deeply inlaid on the “hubbed” spine.
- Superbly printed on acid-neutral paper that lasts for generations.
- Sewn pages – not just glued like ordinary books.
- Satin-ribbon page marker.
- Gilded page ends.
- Bound in the USA. Imported materials.
- Rigorous inspection at every stage ensures adherence to our exacting standards.
- Superb craftsmanship and commitment to quality.
- Standard shipping included at no additional charge.

You can order the eight-volume set online at the Easton Press website, or request a catalog and order them by mail. According to their site, the books will ship in 6-10 business days.

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July 24, 2002

The Road to Yesterday

The Road to Yesterday by L.M. Montgomery

The Road to Yesterday
by L.M. Montgomery was published in 1974. L.M. Montgomery had originally penned this book under the title The Blythes are Quoted, but the book was not published during her lifetime. After L.M. Montgomery's death, her manuscript was discovered by her son, Dr. Stuart MacDonald. The original manuscript for The Blythes are Quoted was divided into two parts taking place before and after World War I. Each part was composed of short stories interspersed with narratives of evenings in Anne and Gilbert Blythe's household with the Blythe family listening to Anne's poems.

In preparing The Road to Yesterday for publication, the narrative sections were removed along with all but one of the poems. The sequence of the short stories was reorganized. All of the stories included in The Road to Yesterday mention members of the Blythe family.

The Road to Yesterday includes the poem "Canadian Twilight" and 14 short stories, which are listed below:

"Canadian Twilight" (poem)
"An Afternoon with Mr. Jenkins"
"The Twins Pretend"
"Fancy's Fool"
"A Dream Come True"
"Penelope Struts her Theories"
"The Reconciliation"
"The Cheated Child"
"Fool's Errand"
"The Pot and the Kettle"
"Here Comes the Bride"
"Brothers Beware"
"The Road to Yesterday"
"A Commonplace Woman"

Purchase and read The Road to Yesterday:

The Road to Yesterday by L.M. Montgomery

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