February 16, 2009

Anne of Galactic Gables by Tom McHenry

A webcomic called Anne of Galactic Gables by Tom McHenry. There are four panels drawing in black and white. In Panel 1, Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthbert are wearing space suits, and Matthew is pressing buttons on a panel in a space ship. A bubble over their heads reads: AIRLOCK PRESSURIZATION COMPLETE. Anne says: It's such an interesting universe. It just makes me feel glad to be alive. In Panel 2, Matthew is removing his helmet. Anne is frowning. Anne says: I felt so ashamed because I had to wear this -- horrid old wincey suit. In Panel 3, both Anne and Matthew have removed their helmets. Anne exclaims: That planet we come to..That blue planet..What is it? Matthew replies: You mean Earth? In Panel 4, there is a close-up of Anne's smiling face. Anne says: They shouldn't call it Earth. There's no meaning in a name like that. They should call it The Azure Orb of Delight.
Have you ever wondered what Anne Shirley would be like if she traveled to outer space? Well, comic and zine creator Tom McHenry has imagined it out for you.

In McHenry's one-off webcomic, Anne and Matthew Cuthbert are traveling through space. Anne is ashamed to be wearing a "horrid old wincey" spacesuit. Then she lightens up, smiling and asking Matthew about the blue planet they arrived at. When Matthew explains that it's called Earth, Anne replies, "They shouldn't call it 'Earth.' There's no meaning in a name like that. They should call it 'The Azure Orb of Delight.'"

McHenry's sci-fi comic based on Anne of Green Gables was featured in an article called, "When Classic Literature Gets Updated" by Graeme McMillan at io9.com. McMillan writes, "Move over, Pride and Prejudice And Zombies, a new updating of classic literature has come along to win your heart... Or at least make you laugh. Yes, it's Anne of Green Gables... in space."

On his livejournal, McHenry explains his inspiration: "Sara and I have been reading the original Anne novels (not my ill-fated science fiction sequels including Anne of Lavaworld and Rilla of Planetside) aloud before bed."

At io9, McMillan goes on to say, "The strip was just one of McHenry's "Future and Space Things" themed week of comics, alongside Space Yuppies. More proof that more people should be forced to come up with science fiction when they least expect it." I heartily agree. I enjoyed reading this fantastic and fun comic.

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