May 17, 2000

The Blue Castle Word Search

Enjoy this word search with words from The Blue Castle. You can print the image below or download a PDF version of the word search.

The Blue Castle Word Search

Created May 17, 2000. Last updated October 27, 2022.

April 18, 2000 (Sullivan Entertainment) Forum Keeperships Forum Keeperships

I originally posted a Keeperships topic at the Forum hosted by Sullivan Entertainment on April 18, 2000. Later, the forum was known as the Avonlea Message Board and the Sullivan Entertainment Message Board. Sadly, the forum is gone now. I miss the days of conversation, friendship, and fun that took place there.

In returning to my old website, I thought I'd repost the keeperships here as an archive. I can't believe that the list is 250 keeperships long. Please note that this keeperships listing is no longer being updated.

Here are a few details on the keeperships list:

Keeperships are special treasures that we protect and care for, and we are called "keepers" of these items. All of our keeperships are from the Anne of Green Gables novels or Sullivan Entertainment Anne of Green Gables miniseries, Road to Avonlea, and other L.M. Montgomery novels and adaptations.

Some keeperships were created using screencaptures from friends at the Forum and from Avonlea Vignettes,, Lantern Hill, Anne of Green Gables, the Road to Avonlea Guide, and Megan Follows UK.

The Keeperships List

List Categories:
The Anne of Green Gables Series
The Blue Castle
The Emily of New Moon Series
Jane of Lantern Hill
Kilmeny of the Orchard
Magic for Marigold
The Pat of Silver Bush Series
Road to Avonlea
The Story Girl and The Golden Road
A Tangled Web

The Anne Series

Keeper of the Pink Enamel Heart - Valancy

Keeper of the Bridge - Elizabeth

Keeper of the Gazebo - Call_Me_Carrots

Keeper of Anne's String of Pearls - Areata

Keeper of the Slate that Anne Broke Over Gil's Head - Fizzy

Keeper of Marilla's Amethyst Broach - Mark My Words Marilla

Keeper of Magog - SuiteLADY

Keeper of Anne's Circle of Pearls Engagement Ring from Gilbert - Wildfire

Keeper of Captain Jim's Life Book, from Anne's House of Dreams - DovieJo

Keeper of the Currant Wine - neb

Keeper of Marilla's Plum Puffs - fishing for watertrout

Keeper of Anne's Puffed-Sleeve Dress - di-anne

Keeper of Anne's "Avonlea" book - MariaCristina

Keeper of the Old Bench in Hester Gray's Garden - a dreamer like Anne

Keeper of Miss Lavendar's Little Tin Horn from Echo Lodge - TinCanSailorsDaughter

Keeper of Anne's Lady of Shalott book - starcrazy

Keeper of Walter's last letter to Rilla and Una - *Bets Wilcox*

Keeper of Anne's original manuscript - henk

Keeper of the Note Gil gives Anne at the Gazebo - Camelot

Keeper of the Haunted Wood - Sinatra Girl

Keeper of the Rosebud Tea Set - One of Joseph's Race

Keeper of the Lilies-of-the-Valley that Gilbert sent to Anne - MNSOTA

Keeper of Diana's Purple Party Dress - *Diana Fan Pippa!*

Keeper of Gog - Nzie

Keeper of Dolly the Cow - hehehehehe..ohhh dolly

Keeper of Mr. Hammond's Lunch - mrhammondlookingforlunch

Keeper of Josie Pye's Picket Fence - Natalie_of_the_Night

Keeper of Anne's Very Old Carpet Bag - Robin

Keeper of Anne's Dance Card - LilyMaiden

Keeper of the Red Rose Owen Gives Leslie - Amathea

Keeper of Bonny, Marilla's Apple-scented Geranium - Lokehualiilii

Keeper of the Wild Cherry Tree - Rose_Petal

Keeper of Matthew's Buggy - Lessa

Keeper of the White Way of Delight - Totoro

Keeper of Mr. Barry's Dory - Lea

Keeper of Matthew's Brown Sugar - JazzGuru

Keeper of The Lake of Shining Waters - evonne

Keeper of Philippa's Dress of Sunshine - lily_of_the_valley

Keeper of Anne's House of Dreams - julodle

Keeper of Idlewild - PetraFromIdlewild

Keeper of Anne's Shell Surrounded Garden at the House of Dreams- godschik

Keeper of Anne's Wedding Dress - TheDoctorsSweetheart

Keeper of the Raven Black Hair Dye - x_iheartyou_x

Keeper of Joyce's Little White Dress - Pixie-of-lovers-lane

Keeper of Anne and Gil's Wedding Rings - Eowyn Blythe

Keeper of Gilbert's Watch - Josie Pye

Keeper of Anne's Brown Gloria Dress - Alserina

Keeper of The Lord's Prayer Card Marilla gives Anne - Alwaysasking

Keeper of Diana's White Sands Recital Dress - Katherine

Keeper of Gil's Riding Crop - CoreyAnn

Keeper of Marilla's June Lilies - #1annegirl

Keeper of Violet Vale - fairy.of.idlewild

Keeper of the Mayflowers - melody

Keeper of the Last Queen Anne's Lace of the Summer - faermaid

Keeper of the Bright River Train Station - OrphanAnne

Keeper of Rilla's War Diary - Pear38

Keeper of the Light in Diana's Window - Margaux

Keeper of Ingleside - any given thursday

Keeper of Anne's Green Dress - Kitty

Keeper of the "Promise Me" song - Lady of Shalott

Keeper of Anne's Book of Revelation - Webmistress87

Keeper of Patty's Place - Eki

Keeper of Gilbert Blythe's Scandalous Buggy - LuzEstrella

Keeper of Anne's Letters to Gilbert - l.m montgomery rocks!

Keeper of Little Dog Monday - pinky tuscadero

Keeper of Lover's Lane - diana

Keeper of Anne's Red Hair - ~Anne Shirley~

Keeper of Anne's "right kind of pen" - Carrots95

Keeper of Anne's First Taste of Ice Cream - carlyanne

Keeper of the Rusty Nail that Cut Jem's Finger in Anne of Ingleside - IngelsideJem

Keeper of the Raspberry Cordial - green is ten times worse

Keeper of the Queen's Pass List - iloveblueskies

Keeper of Anne and Matthew's Hug - Sandy (Smallbeautifulangel)

Keeper of Anne's Straw Hat - Shylah Rose

Keeper of Gilbert's Bike - dcarmany

Keeper of Walter's Bells in Rainbow Valley - Seller of Dreams

Keeper of the Rollings Reliable Baking Powder - Lady of Carmody

Keeper of Anne's Rosebud Dress - Anne-girl Blythe

Keeper of Anne's Birth Parent's Love Letters - Carol

Keeper of Anne's Window Friend Katie - kooky

Keeper of Echo Lodge - Miss Liz

Keeper of Rainbow Valley - bosum buddy

Keeper of Green Gables - sunshine365

Keeper of Hester Gray's Garden - gilnanne25

Keeper of Gilbert's Boat - amiga

Keeper of the Diamond Necklace Gilbert Gives Anne on their 15th Wedding Anniversary

Keeper of Anne's Star Flowers - thelily_maid

Keeper of Gil's Crushed Candy Heart - Carrots92

Keeper of the Green Gables Attic Window - April of Light

Keeper of the Bottle of Ipecac - anne-girl

Keeper of the lock of Diana's Beautiful Black Tresses - anne-with-an-e

Keeper of Marilla's Plum Pudding - DramaQueen

Keeper of the Four Winds Lighthouse - Faith

Keeper of the Avonlea Schoolhouse - Amy of Green Gables

Keeper of the "Let Me Be Your Sweetheart" Song - Diana_22

Keeper of Lawson's General Store - Little Miss Stacey

Keeper of the Birch Path - Olivia

Keeper of Ben-Hur - amyrjo

Keeper of Matthew's Farmers Almanac - BlessedFuture

Keeper of Anne's Book, Kindred Spirits - Una

Keeper of Matthew's Beloved Scotch Roses - a_walk_in_Avonlea

Keeper of Gilbert's War Tags - AvonleaGirl

Keeper of "The Tree Lovers" - Dreaming of Ingleside

Keeper of Crystal Lake - Ladybell

Keeper of Little Kitchener's Soup Tureen - "Yeth," said Rilla

Keeper of Anne's Bedroom - SweetPea

Keeper of Anne's Wedding Bouquet - Tonya

Keeper of the Snowy Maple Arch - Nath

Keeper of Anne's Diploma from Queen's - windy poplars

Keeper of the Avery Scholarship - Annegirl_129

Keeper of Dominic's Blanket - westLawn06

Keeper of Dryad’s Bubble - Elizabeth (Miss Bray)

Keeper of Katherine's Xmas Puppy - afrostyhaze

Keeper of Anne's Rose from the White Sands Recital - avonleaaddict46

Keeper of Anne's Wedding Veil (from the books) - annelover

Keeper of Diana's Broken Bed - OldSoulofMine

Keeper of Anne and Little Elizabeth's Map of Fairyland - spawkly

Keeper of the Gillis' Garden - Kelley (with an e)

Keeper of Walter's Cross, Somewhere in France - Anne Blythe

Keeper of Emmeline's Glasses - caseymabin

Keeper of the Ingleside Gardens - Denise of Ingleside, PEI

Keeper of Adam, Faith's pet rooster - alexdania93

Keeper of the Picture of Paul's Dear Little Mother - KristiofGrayslake

Keeper of Windy Poplars - Tammara

Keeper of Anne's Faith, Hope, Charity Picture - MrsDrBlythe

Keeper of Anne’s Rose from the Concert that Gilbert Takes - *AnneFan*

Keeper of Mr. Harrison's Parrot - irishgirln1

Keeper of Muriel Stacey's Cameo - poohs_place

Keeper of a Lock of Gilbert' Curly Hair - IluvGilbert

Keeper of the Muddy Field where Anne and Diana went running after Dolly - annegirlm

Keeper of Rilla's Green Velvet Hat - dyedintheoldwoolmaid

Keeper of Jem's first letter to Anne in Anne of Ingleside - greencarrots

Keeper of Anne's Chewed Pencil - Exotic Familiarity

Keeper of Gil's horse - Gil's Anne

Keeper of Diana's Pink Dress - Georgiana

Keeper of Faith Meredith's Blue Ribbon - meganloops

Keeper of the Anne of Green Gables Theme Song - Avonlea03

Keeper of Walter's Memorial from Rilla of Ingleside - gwenivere73

Keeper of Anne's Bridesmaid Dress - Gilsgirl

Keeper of Anne's Pinafore - Anne of Gray Gables

Keeper of Captain Jim's Driftwood Fires - Lavendar

Keeper of the Avonlea flower bouquet - vanja

Keeper of Rachel Lynde's June Lilies - cordelliablythe

Keeper of the Hills Overlooking Green Gables - dreamranchgirl

Keeper of Rachel Lynde's Jersey Cow - MarteBlythe

Keeper of Anne's typewriter - Anne_girl

Keeper of Anne's Nun Habit - carmen92

Keeper of Gil's Newsboy Hat - RedheadDreamer

Keeper of Gil's War Uniform - GilsKindredSpirit

Keeper of  Anne's War Diary - AvonleaGal

Keeper of Anne's Teacher Dress in Avonlea - AnnelovesGilbert

Keeper of Anne's Desk Drawer at Kingsport - hannikan

Keeper of Anne's Red Tamo'shanter - ladycordeliafitzgerald

Keeper of the White Sands - krsanders

Keeper of Captain Jim's First Mate - Kharla

Keeper of the Hall that was Painted Blue - musicchick93

Keeper of the Snow Queen - Myra of Green Gables

Keeper of Walter Blythe's "The Piper" Poem - emilyanne87

Keeper of "The Bingen on the Rhine" Poem - Heather Alice

Keeper of the Caramels Matthew Gave Anne - Nanne

Keeper of Leslie Moore's Crimson Ribbon - Charlaya

Keeper of the Ridgepole of Moody Spurgeon's Kitchen Roof - klar4230

Keeper of Gil's copy of Anne's book - The Lady of Shalott

Keeper of Anne's Flower Basket - DianaBerry

Keeper of Anne's Best Tale (the story Anne writes when she falls through the roof of the Copp pantry) - annecordelia

Keeper of Gilbert's Straw Hat - anneinspirit

The Blue Castle

Keeper of Valancy's Smashed Jar of Potpourri - CountessAmy

Keeper of Valancy's Pearl Necklace - puddleduck

Keeper of Valancy's Dust-Pile - allisonw2001

Keeper of Lady Jane - Meg

Keeper of Redfern's Purple Pills - SarahGannon

Keeper of Valancy's "Moonlight" Dress - Isabelle

The Emily of New Moon Series

Keeper of Emily's Jimmy-book - avonleagyrl

Keeper of the Sofa Where Emily Stored the Letters to her Father - Fairlight

Keeper of the Disappointed House - lily

Keeper of Emily's Seller of Dreams - EmilyofDreams

Keeper of Teddy's Signal Whistle - Cheers

Keeper of the Star Map of Vega of the Lyre - Galaxy

Keeper of the Deed to the Disappointed House - Eilonwy

Keeper of the Lost Diamond that Emily Finds - MargoPego

Keeper of the Tomorrow Road - E.B. Starr

Jane of Lantern Hill

Keeper of Andrew Stuart's hearse (car) - AvFan4vr

Keeper of Lantern Hill - leopuppy04

Kilmeny of the Orchard

Keeper of Kilmeny's violin - dreamlover_001

Magic for Marigold

Keeper of Marigold's doll, Alicia - Marigold-AnneBlythe

Keeper of Cloud of Spruce - Laila93

The Pat of Silver Bush Series

Keeper of Judy Plum's Glory Box - puffysleeves

Keeper of Jingle's Dark, Horn-rimmed Glasses, from Pat of Silver Bush - GabrielaBelen

The Story Girl and The Golden Road

Keeper of Grandmother King's Blue Cup -  IrenyDornroeschen

Road to Avonlea

Keeper of Hetty King's Hat Pins - Lady19thC

Keeper of the Twinkle in Gus Pike's Green Eyes - Nan, a DIT

Keeper of Jasper Dale's Home Movie - Avonlea22

Keeper of Gus Pike's Fiddle - Max Sutton

Keeper of Gus's ruby ring - JulieK

Keeper of Sara Stanley's Muddy Blue Silk Shoes - Ma Cherie

Keeper of the Blue Chest of Arabella King - Kindred

Keeper of the Avonlea Chronicle - kindredanne

Keeper of Felicity's Red Dress - rtafan2812

Keeper of Gus Pike's Stolen Kiss - Unameredith

Keeper of Felicity's Every Girl's Calendar - HappyHomeschooler

Keeper of Gus's Hat - SoDearToMyHeart

Keeper of Gus and Felicity's First Kiss - modernelegance

Keeper of "The Annie Jane" - Seanchaidh

Keeper of Gus's Pipe - SailorGirl

Keeper of Izzy and Felix's First Kiss - AnneCordeliaBlythe

Keeper of Felix's Lopsided Smile - Shelly

Keeper of Gus's Plate - molvieaholic

Keeper of Rose Cottage - Avonlea Is Home

Keeper of Sara, Felix and Felicity's Wishbox - Tikvica

Keeper of Felicity's Wedding Dress and Veil - 22angel

Keeper of Gus and Felicity's Wedding Kiss - Katie

Keeper of Ruth Stanley's Piano - RoseCottageGirl

Keeper of Jasper and Olivia's First Kiss - Emily

Keeper of Simon Tremayne's bowtie - jaxshan

Keeper of Felicity's Lilac Dress - ladymerri

Keeper of Izzy's Blue Dress and Hat - StarryEyed

Keeper of the Avonlea Lighthouse - Golightly

Keeper of Izzy's First Dress - miss_izzie

Keeper of Izzy's Yellow Dress - Angie

Keeper of Felicity's Home Cooking - VFHusker

Keeper of Arthur's Sketchbook - Tracy

Keeper of Gus's Last Letter to Felicity - GemaFan

Keeper of the Avonlea Schoolhouse

Keeper of Cecily's dog Digger - Sarah

Keeper of Felicity's Sawdust Pudding - nmorgan

Keeper of Elbert's Accordion - Elaine11

Keeper of Muriel Stacey's Motorcar - Gwendolene

Keeper of the Magic Lantern - jonas 3

Keeper of Peg Bowen's Pipe - Avonlealover

Keeper of Hetty's Shawl - Miss Hetty King

Keeper of the drawing that Romney made for Hetty - hobbie

Keeper of Viola's Flaming Red Kimono - muppets123

Keeper of Janie McColly's Medallion - Matheson

Keeper of the Avonlea bridge - Kailey

Keeper of Gus Pike's Spilled Coffee - Avalyn

Keeper of Jasper Dale's Camera - cameraem

Keeper of Felix's Flour Heart - Natalie

Keeper of Great Aunt Eliza's Keepsake Chest - MissAdventure

Keeper of Felicity's Diary - Margherita

Keeper of Sara's Flute - Dylan

Keeper of Janet's Music Box - bennettkid

Keeper of the Red and Gold Necklace - storygirl

Keeper of Izzy and Felix's Canoe - annavonlea14

Keeper of the Love Letter Izzy Wrote to Felix - sleetinthesummer

Keeper of Jasper Dale's Motion Picture Camera - ChristopherSchneider

A Tangled Web

Keeper of the Old Dark Jug - Lorene


Keeper of the Kitties - RillaBlythe

Keeper of a P.E.I. Lighthouse - WhitneyLyn

Keeper of the Avonlea Message Board - Administrator

Keeper of the Red Roads of PEI - Marissa

Created April 18, 2000. Last updated keepership list and images August 8, 2010. Re-posted online December 1, 2021. Last updated intro text December 1, 2021.