September 20, 2007

The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery (2008)

The Album Cover of Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery (2008) Musical written by Adam-Michael James and composed by Leo Marchildon

The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery
is a musical written by Adam-Michael James and composed by Leo Marchildon. Based on L.M. Montgomery's life, this musical biography premiered at Kings Playhouse in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island on June 20, 2008. The musical premiere occurred on the exact day of the 100th anniversary of the publication of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. The musical celebrates the life and the characters created by the legendary Canada's author.

Adam-Michael James documented the progress of the musical in his blog, which provides detailed information on how the production developed.

The official website for the musical provides the following description of the show:

"Maud" soars as she creates her most famous character, "Anne of Green Gables", then additional heroines Kilmeny, Sara, Emily, Valancy, Marigold, Pat, and Jane - making up her nine lives. But when Maud forgets that the power of imagination can change our lives for the negative as well as the positive, her heroines come to life to amuse, enlighten, and entertain!

The creation of Emmy-nominated composer Leo Marchildon and author Adam-Michael James, Nine Lives is an epic multimedia experience that has real-life and fictional characters backed by video footage, archival photos, evocative period music and sumptuous underscore.

Premiering on the 100th anniversary of the publication of "Anne", Nine Lives has been praised for its accuracy and importance to Canada and literature, twice nominated for the PEI Museum & Heritage Foundation's Wendell Boyle Award.

The original cast recording for The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery was released in 2009 by Nine Lives Musicals, Inc. with the following CD release notes:

You've read her books - but how much do you know about her lives? In this dazzling musical by Leo Marchildon and Adam-Michael James, L.M. Montgomery is determined to become a writer and eventually becomes famous the world over for creating Anne of Green Gables. But, as her fictional characters materialize to help her through her increasing struggles, they discover that the power of imagination can change our lives in more ways than one.

Marchildon's sumptuous arrangements traverse the moods and styles of Montgomery's lifetime, from the Scottish reels of the 1880s to the Big Band flavor of the 1930s, while James' insightful lyrics constantly advances the story. The only musical on the life of the quintessential Canadian author comes to CD virtually complete, featuring the original 2008 cast and including Marchildon's "Character Themes Suite" that paints delightful portraits of all eight of Montgomery's fictional heroines. Whether you're a casual L.M. Montgomery fan or a self-professed die-hard, The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery brings all her lives to you in a fresh, exciting way! For more information about the show, visit Label: Nine Lives Musicals, Inc.

The album includes the following songs and character suites:

1. Blank Verse/The Alpine Path
2. It's in My Nature
3. I Like You Best
4. An Orphan No More
5. So I Say Farewell
6. More Important Things
7. The Correspondence of Edwin
8. I Am a Newspaper Woman!
9. What Do You Propose
10. An Epoch in My Life
11. Island Hymn
12. Maud Meets Her Public
13. Too Late

14. I Hate Interruptions
15. The Race That Knows Joseph
16. 1917
17. Eternally Lost
18. Grumble Book
19. The Dream Life Waltz
20. Character Analysis
21. Two-Timin' Timmy
22. Where is My Happy Ending?
23. The Alpine Path" (finale)

Character Theme Suites
24. Kilmeny
25. Sara
26. Emily
27. Valancy
28. Marigold
29. Pat
30. Jane
31. Anne

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The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery (archived)

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Album cover for The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery.

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September 09, 2007

Anne of Green Gables (2007)

Anne of Green Gables - Play adapted by Peter DeLaurier

Anne of Green Gables (2007) is a play adapted by Peter DeLaurier from the novel by L.M. Montgomery. The play premiered at the at The People's Light & Theatre Company in January 2007 as part of the Philadelphia New Play Festival. It was nominated for Outstanding New Play in the annual Barrymore Awards. The play was directed by Shannon O'Donnell.

Playbill described the story as follows: "Matthew Cuthbert and his no-nonsense sister Marilla send for an orphan to help with the farm at Green Gables. But instead of a sturdy boy, they get skinny Anne Shirley, an accident-prone redhead with a natural flair for drama. It doesn't take long though for this imaginative young heroine to work her way into the hearts of her reluctant new parents, and to transform their stodgy, old-fashioned neighbors on Prince Edward Island into a host of 'kindred spirits.' This new adaptation captures all the spirit of the beloved classic. Best appreciated by ages 7 and up."

Anne of Green Gables was published by Playscripts, Incorporated in 2009, and is available for purchase at the Playscripts website.

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Promotional artwork for Anne of Green Gables (2007) from the Playscripts website.

Thank you to Peter DeLaurier for sending me info about his play.

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