February 24, 2002

Jane of Lantern Hill

Jane of Lantern Hill, Stokes book cover, 1937

L.M. Montgomery wrote Jane of Lantern Hill late in her career. Published in 1937, the novel tells the story of Jane Victoria Stuart. Jane is 11 years old and lives in Toronto, Ontario with her mother Robin and her strict grandmother. Jane believes that her father is dead until she is age 10 when she learns that her mother left her father when she was three years old. She discovers that her father Andrew is actually alive and well and living on Prince Edward Island. When Jane is invited to visit her father on P.E.I. for the summer, they have a chance to develop a relationship, and Jane begins to dream that her parents will one day reunite.

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Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery

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February 17, 2002

The Watchman and Other Poems

The Watchman and Other Poems by L.M. Montgomery, 1916 cover, University of Texas at Austin library

L.M. Montgomery published a volume of poetry titled The Watchman and Other Poems in 1916 by McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart. The book is named for the introductory poem, entitled “The Watchman.” This poem is followed by three thematic groups of poems: Songs of Sea, Songs of the Hills and Woods, and Miscellaneous.

All of the poems included in The Watchman and Other Poems had been previously published in magazines according to John Robert Sorfleet [1]. In her acknowledgements, L.M. Montgomery thanked the following publishers and magazines for granting permission to republish her poetry: The Youth's Companion, Forward, East and West, MacLean's Magazine, The Sunday School Times, Zion's Herald, The Outlook, Munsey's Magazine, The New Idea Woman's Magazine, Smart Set, The Ladies' World, The Canadian Magazine, St. Nicholas, The Congregationalist and Christian World, Everybody's Magazine, The Christian Endeavor World, The American Messenger, The Delineator, and Smith's Magazine.

L.M. Montgomery dedicated The Watchman and Other Poems to the soldiers who fought in WWI:

"To the memory of the gallant
Canadian soldiers who have laid
down their lives for their
country and their empire."

I took the photograph pictured above of a 1916 volume of The Watchman and Other Poems that I read from the University of Texas at Austin library.

[1] Sorfleet, John. R. "L. M. Montgomery: Canadian Authoress." in L. M. Montgomery: An Assessment. Ed. John Robert Sorfleet. Guelph: Canadian Children's Press, 1976. pages 42–49.

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The Watchman and Other Poems by L.M. Montgomery The Poetry Of Lucy Maud Montgomery

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