October 05, 1999

The Blue Castle

The Blue Castle, McClelland Stewart,  1926

L.M. Montgomery wrote The Blue Castle in 1926. It is her only novel fully set outside of her beloved Prince Edward Island and was her first attempt at an adult novel. Set in Muskoka, Ontario, The Blue Castle describes the life of twenty-nine year old Valancy Stirling. Valancy escapes her drab and sorrowful world with imaginary escapes to her Blue Castle in Spain where she is beautiful, charming, admired, and loved—everything her true life lacks.

When diagnosed with a heart ailment, Valancy's complaisance is shattered and she rebels, wanting to "live" for a short time before she dies. She finally breaks from her shell, saying and doing exactly as she pleases. L.M. Montgomery's story of Valancy's revolt against the Stirling clan, her new life, and growing love for the swarthy, unacceptable Barney Snaith is a modern fairy tale.

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The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

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