March 11, 2001

Emily of New Moon

Emily of New Moon Frontispiece artwork by M.L. Kirk from the 1923 edition published by Frederick A. Stokes Company.

L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon (1923) is the first book in a trilogy about a young orphan named Emily Byrd Starr. After her father’s death, Emily is taken in by her relatives at New Moon Farm on Prince Edward Island. Emily must cope with her grief, change, and her strict aunt Elizabeth. Like her creator, L.M. Montgomery, Emily has a passion for writing and seeing beauty in the natural world. She develops deep friendships with Teddy Kent, Ilse Burnley, and Perry Miller. The four friends are highly talented, hard-working individuals, each with their own dreams and goals.

Emily of New Moon is followed by the novels Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest.

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Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery Emily of New Moon Series, Three Book Set by L.M. Montgomery

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