May 13, 2024

Pullip Anne of Green Gables Dolls

Pullip Anne of Green Gables Doll, 2004

In April 2004, the Korean fashion doll company Pullip released an Anne of Green Gables doll (Item F-516). These dolls were sold through a Japanese company called Jun Planning.

The Anne Shirley doll wears an olive green corduroy dress with a white pinafore or apron, white bloomers and black lace-up boots. The doll's deep red hair is arranged in two braids that are tied with red ribbons, and its face is framed with bangs. It has bright blue eyes and freckles. Also included is a hat decorated with white flowers, a carpet bag, and a doll stand.

Pullip dolls are 12 inches tall. Their articulated plastic bodies are designed on a 1:6 scale, and the dolls have oversized heads that are designed on a 1:3 scale. Levers on the back of each doll's head enable its eyes to blink and move from side to side. The jointed body allows for customization and posing. New collectible dolls are released monthly.

There is also a miniature Little Pullip Anne Shirley doll, but I'm not sure in which years it was released. If anyone has info on it, please let me know.

In May 2012, Pullip re-released the Anne Shirley doll due to its popularity as part of its Regeneration Series (Item RE-814). These dolls were sold through the Korean company Groove (which began distributing Pullip dolls in 2009).

Pullip Anne of Green Gables Doll, 2012

I've only seen the Anne Shirley Pullip doll in photos, and I find them so intriguing looking...a touch charming, and a touch creepy. I hope to one day see the doll in person.

Image credits:
Promotional photographs of the 2004 and 2012 Pullip Anne of Green Gables dolls by Pullip.

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