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April 21, 2024

Review of the Oh My Anne Mobile Game

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game Trailer showing a Prince Edward Island landscape

Last month, I received a notification that the "Oh My Anne" mobile game was available to download for iOS, and I decided to check it out and review the game.

This new mobile app was announced back in December 2022. The game is based on L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. After the game's soft launch, it was released more widely this spring.

You can view the lovely "Oh My Anne" trailer here:

The game's trailer begins with Anne looking for her daughter Rilla Blythe. Rilla is holding a dandelion puffball. When Anne asks Rilla what she is doing, Rilla uses sign language to explain that she is making a wish to the "dandelion fairy" to be less of a burden to her mother. Anne is shocked at Rilla's fears and reassures Rilla that she is not a burden. Anne explains that when she was young, she was just like Rilla and that the unconditional love she received at Green Gables changed her life. Rilla asks to hear more about the story of Green Gables. Anne tells her to make a wish to the dandelion fairy to hear the story.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game Trailer showing Anne with her daughter Rilla Blythe who is making a wish to the dandelion fairy

Anne counts to three and Rilla makes her wish and blows. A dandelion seed flies through the air and across time to the door of Green Gables where a young Anne Shirley turns around.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game Trailer showing Anne Shirley at the door to Green Gables

The mobile game begins with this same sweet trailer. I found it touching and surprising that Rilla was deaf and had fears that she was a burden to Anne considering that Rilla was not deaf in L.M. Montgomery's stories.

After the trailer, you begin the gameplay. Each day when you log in to the game, you receive a reward for your attendance.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing an attendance reward

In episode 1, Anne encounters Green Gables with Matthew.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing the introduction to episode 1 called Anne encounters Green Gables

According to the game's storyline, Marilla was injured when she fell off her rocking chair, so Green Gables is quite dusty. Anne aims to help by cleaning and re-decorating Green Gables with new furniture. She's just entered the house and hasn't even met Marilla yet, so her behavior is quite forward and a bit odd.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing Anne redecorating Green Gables

You can play various matching games to earn coins and dandelion fairy points. These coins and points allow you to redecorate and move forward in the gameplay.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing a matching game

In this matching game, Anne Shirley is being chased by an angry bee.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing a matching game and scene where Anne Shirley is being chased by an enormous angry bee

The game is free-to-play, but there are additional locked features and rewards for players who purchase in-game virtual goods for microtransactions with real money. These features include special photos and dresses for Anne.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing the Camelia Tea Party royal ticket microtransactions and Anne Shirley's special dress

The dialogue for the game is a bit amusing. At times, Anne is even more dramatic in the game than in L.M. Montgomery's stories.

Screenshot from the Oh My Anne Mobile Game showing Anne Shirley getting upset and sobbing

Overall, the game is good for passing time if you enjoy matching puzzle games and decorating games. The animation scenes are playful, and Anne is very expressive. I'm not quite sure where the storyline is going as Anne discovers more about Green Gables and Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. I think younger players might find the game more enjoyable than older ones (like me).

I hope that the animators who created the trailer will make an animated Anne of Green Gables film in the future. I was intrigued at the relationship between Anne and Rilla, the fact that Rilla was deaf, and the use of sign language in the trailer. I'd love to see how they would continue Anne and Rilla's storyline in a novel way.

Have you played the "Oh My Anne" mobile game? What did you think of it?

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Screencaptures from the "Oh My Anne" mobile game and trailer.

Created April 21, 2024.

January 25, 2023

About the Oh My Anne Mobile Game

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Follow Anne's Romantic Story

The Google Play store includes information about the "Oh my Anne" mobile app, which had its soft launch last month. Version 1.0.0 of the app was released/last updated on December 3, 2022 by NEOWIZ. The game is rated "E" for everyone, and there are in-app purchases.

NEOWIZ provided the following description of the game to the Google Play store:

A heartwarming game about Anne Shirley's story in Avonlea!
Enjoy calming, relaxing match 3 puzzle levels & renovate the Green Gables.
Unlock endless chapters about Anne’s encounters and makeover!
Adventures in Avonlea are at the doorstep!

"But if you call me Anne, please call me Anne with an 'e'."

Encouraging & Heartwarming Story!
It all began when Matthew and Marilla accepted Anne to the family..
Folllow Anne through her times of true romance, friendship, and tears - all unexpected!
Watch how her relationship with the townspeople of Avonlea flourish!

“I thought my story at Green Gables was about to end, but it was just the beginning.”

Enjoy Renovating the Green Gables
Oh my, what a dusty room!
Mop the floors! Change the carpets!
Unlock & renovate rooms, spread happiness in the air!
Help Anne Bring warmth back to the Green Gables, and to her loved ones as well.
Renovate your mansion, give it a fantastic makeover!

"Seeing the place nice and clean makes me so happy.”

Easy Match 3 Puzzle Levels
Match puzzle pieces, use delicate booster effects to beat levels!
Equip yourself with Anne’s mighty spirit!
Show off your match 3 skills by clearing various fun challenge modes ahead!

“I couldn''t tell where to begin at first,
but after placing the tiles one by one, before I knew it, I was already done!”

Experience Calming and Relaxing Game
Sit back, and enjoy relaxing makeovers.
The most heartwarming words from Anne, will certainly brighten up your day!

"You can enjoy anything if you make up your mind to enjoy it."

The Google Play store features the image above ("Follow Anne's Romantic Story") as well as the following images and screencaptures of "Oh my Anne" with explanations of how to play the game.

Meet new friends and the townspeople of Avonlea:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Meet New Friends and the Townspeople of Avonlea

Unlock more rooms and renovate Green Gables:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Unlock More Rooms and Renovate Green Gables

Watch and immerse yourself in Anne's precious moments:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Watch and Immerse Yourself in Anne's Precious Moments

Play match-3 levels:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Play Match-3 Levels

Earn daily rewards:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Earn Daily Rewards

Collect beautiful dresses:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game - Collect Beautiful Dresses

Anne Shirley dreams of a dress with puffed sleeves:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game Screenshot of Anne Shirley Dreaming of a Dress with Puffed Sleeves

Some of the game's aspects don't seem to relate to the story, but I'm still interested in checking out the app.

Created January 25, 2023.

January 24, 2023

Oh My Anne Mobile Game Soft Launch

Oh My Anne Mobile Game

In December, NEOWIZ, a South Korean online game developer and publisher, announced the soft launch of a mobile app called "Oh my Anne." It’s a mobile game based on the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery. "Oh my Anne" has launched in Canada and in select regions so far, and the global launch of the game will soon follow. It will be available on iOS and Android.

It's a game about Anne Shirley's time in Avonlea. The player helps unlock chapters as Anne brings warmth to Green Gables and to Anne's loved ones. Through the game, Anne develops relationships with the townspeople of Avonlea. The story follows Anne through moments of friendship, romance, and sorrow. The gameplay also involves match games and makeover/renovation elements where the player collects dresses for Anne and helps her clean and renovate Green Gables.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the game from NEOWIZ's announcement on twitter:

Oh My Anne Mobile Game

Oh My Anne Mobile Game

The artwork and animation look so lovely. I'm curious about "Oh my Anne." and I hope to be able to check it out soon. Has any reader downloaded the game? What did you think of it?

Read more about the game in an article by Catherine Dellosa at PocketGamer.

Created January 24, 2023.